Quintessential summer flavours from Luscombe Drinks

Quintessential summer flavours from Luscombe Drinks
The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky and you pour something cool and delicious over ice cubes into a tall glass, this is the very essence of summer.

Since 1997, Luscombe Drinks has been capturing the flavours of summer. Just look out for the clear, elegant bottle with ‘Luscombe’ embossed on the glass. On a Devon farm they create an organic range of drinks made using natural ingredients including apples grown in their own orchards. In Luscombe’s range you’ll find 22 soft drinks, juices, crushes, ginger beers and bubblies including Raspberry Crush, Sicilian Lemonade and Damascene Rose Bubbly. What you won’t find is any kind of artificial additive or flavouring and certainly no concentrates.

Luscombe Drinks refuse to compromise, their drinks are hand-made in small batches with ‘no tricks’. The whole process begins with a conversation. They talk to the growers and suppliers and offer a fair price to ensure they get the very best produce. When do they harvest? When the fruit is at its best. A few days of rain or sun can make all the difference. Their award-winning drinks are perfect for summer sipping, whether it’s at the beach, the barbecue or the back garden.

Here comes summer… and here are some delicious drinks to go with it…

Thinking of the Wimbledon Championships or a simple afternoon tea? Then think of Strawberry Crush (RSP 32cl from £1.79). Made with organic strawberries, Muscat grape juice, Sicilian lemon juice and a hint of bubbles, Strawberry Crush is perfect with a cream tea, a slice of Victoria sandwich or a game of tennis.

Damascene Rose Bubbly (RSP 74cl from £3.20 / 32cl from £1.79) combines Damascene rose, Muscat grape juice and Sicilian lemons with sparkling spring water. Elegant and delicate, serve it with canapés, or light seafood dishes like scallops. It’s perfect for special occasions… even if that special occasion is just celebrating the end of the working day!

Sicilian Lemonade (RSP 74cl from £3.20 / 32cl from £1.79) is sharp and intensely fragrant and the perfect companion to the flavours of Mediterranean dishes such as garlic, herbs, tomatoes, olives and fresh fish or slow-cooked meat. Close your eyes and you could be on holiday again.

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