Our Story

At Luscombe we’re passionate about making premium soft drinks. We hand select organic ingredients from trusted growers worldwide and produce our drinks in Devon, England.

 Our range of multi-award-winning drinks contain soft Devon water from our own spring and freshly pressed organic fruit. Every step from sourcing, harvesting, juicing, blending, and bottling receives our undivided attention.

 With a Royal Warrant in hand, over 110 Great Taste Award stars from the Guild of Fine Food and an abundance of positive customer reviews, we know you’ll love them.

 Luscombe, elevating every experience since 1975.

12th Century

Apples have been grown and cider pressed on the Luscombe Farm since the Twelfth Century. Traditionally workers were paid, at least in part with cider, up to a rather generous five gallons in the summer. This was the way things were done round here right up until the 1970s.


The Luscombe family emigrated to the New World


The David family arrived at Luscombe and Julian David opened the next chapter in the Luscombe story.


Julian had the romantic dream to rejuvenate the cider company and use the old stone farm buildings to create great cider with the master cider maker Jonny Nance.


Luscombe is awarded its first Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food. Again the first drinks brand in the UK to receive this prestigious Award.


Luscombe Cider earned First Prize and Reserve Champion at the Devon County Show.


Gabriel David, son of Julian, returned from a four year spell in Sicily to take over the cider business and to bring craft soft drinks ideas to a waning cider business. Every drink was, and still is today, entirely free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers. 


Luscombe gains organic accreditation from the Soil Association. The first drinks brand in the UK to gain this highly regarded certification. 


With demand for our organic soft drinks continuing to grow, we partnered with a local farm and built ourselves a state of the art production kitchen, on a local farm, about 3 miles away from our Luscombe home. 


We became deeply involved in an agroforestry partnership on the Dartington Hall Estate. This is where we planted our first organically certified elderflower plantation. The first in the UK.


Our luxury tonic water range is launched.


The global Covid pandemic hits the world – the lights go dim and we hunker down to ride out a long storm.


Luscombe Drinks have been served at palace events and enjoyed by the Royal Family for many years. In 2021 we were awarded a Royal Warrant in recognition for the high quality and sustainably produced product we produce. 


Following the coronation of King Charles III in 2023, Luscombe has now been awarded the Kings Royal Warrant. A prestigious accolade we are thrilled to be honoured with.

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