It’s Elderflower Season

It’s Elderflower Season
It’s an exciting time of year at Luscombe HQ as the elderflower season is finally upon us. Whilst we’re busy foraging flowers from the hedgerows to make our delightful wild elderflower bubbly, we thought we’d leave you with this post all about our favourite plant.

For those of you not in the habit of checking seasonality calendars every now and then, the elderflower season runs from May to somewhere around the end of July. Which is of course why elderflower reminds us all so strongly of the summer.

Many people take to roadsides, fields and country lanes across the UK during elderflower season to do a little foraging of their own. After all, it takes just a few flower heads to make elderflower syrup, which is popular in many a pantry as a preventative medicine against coughs and colds.

The plant itself is really rather beautiful, the sort of thing that might look at home as decoration at a wedding or summer garden party. The spray of delicate flowers are a cream or pale yellow colour with intricate, pretty little petals that are recognisable in an instant.

Rather unfortunately, many people seem to associate elderflower with a less than delightful scent. This is only the case if there’s something amiss with the plant, they should smell fresh and summery – so if you’re doing your own foraging this year, steer clear of the smellies.

The taste – arguably the most important aspect – of elderflower is a difficult thing to pin down and describe. Words like “sophisticated” and “sweet” spring to mind of course, but it feels as though they just don’t cut it. So we took to Twitter to see if somebody might give us a hand, and the best answer by far came from @lorileysesh who said it was “the perfect equilibrium of floral & fruity”.

We think that just about sums it up.

So what to serve with this quintessentially summery drink? Well, you can serve our elderflower bubbly on any occasion you might serve champagne, and it’s best enjoyed with lovely nibbly things.
If you’re not into your fizz, did you know about our apple and elderflower juice? It’s just perfect on ice in the back garden with something sweet.

What do you love to eat with elderflower? And where’s your favourite place to drink it? We’d love to hear from you, send us a Tweet or write on our Facebook wall, we’ll get back to you once we’re down from the hedgerows.

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