New Sparkling Fruit Waters.

New Sparkling Fruit Waters.

We are very excited to announce we have launched a new range of organic Sparkling Fruit Waters in response to increasing consumer demand for no-added-sugar products. The first three flavours to launch include Passionfruit, Sour Cherry and Raspberry. This thirst quenching new range is available in 27cl glass bottles with a recommended retail price of £1.95 each.

Gabriel David, chairman and founder of Luscombe Drinks, comments on the launch: “For the first time, sales of bottled water have exceeded sales of cola. This has been driven by the trend towards healthier low-calorie drinks with reduced sugar content, and the success of premium sparkling waters.

“As a premium soft drinks producer with a reputation for crafting delicious tasting drinks from natural organic fruit, we have been working on an introductory range of Sparkling Fruit Waters. However, unlike many of the fruit waters currently on the market, the Luscombe range have a high fruit content to ensure the real taste of the fruit comes through – not just a hint.

The concept is actually quite simple. We’ve taken soft Devon spring water and added carbonation and lots of rich organic fruit. As with all our drinks, they don’t contain any fruit concentrates or artificial flavourings.”

With a refreshing and clean taste, the new Fruit Waters are ideal for summer drinking. With minimal processing, they are made using gently carbonated soft Devon spring water and organic, responsibly sourced fruit. There are no artificial flavours, additives, sweeteners or preservatives. All three flavours are low in natural sugar content and low in calories (less than 15Kcal/100ml), and yet each retains the delicious taste and sweetness of the natural organic fruit.

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