Tonic Waters New Reduced Sugar Formulation

Our tonic waters are switching to a new formulation. Same great taste, now with reduced sugar!*

At Luscombe we're always looking for ways to improve our drinks. Whether its finding better quality ingredients or tweaking recipes, we constantly strive for new levels of perfection. In recent months we've been busy in the test kitchen tinkering with our multi-award-wining tonic waters, seeing if it's possible to reduce their sugar content without affecting their great taste.

And the good news? It is! By using a little ingredient ingenuity, we've been able to reduce the sugar in our tonic waters by at least 37%*, without losing any of their delicious complexity. It's all down to the unique qualities of the natural sweet blackberry leaf extract, which gives the mixers a heightened sensation of sweetness. As a result, our tonics now contain less sugar than other premium mixers, whilst maintaining our promise of never using any nasties.

Our newly formulated Devon, Cucumber, Elderflower, and Grapefruit tonic waters will be available from 1 October. Order yours today while stocks last.


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*Our Light Devon Tonic Water is already low in sugar