We have a NEW drink, Rhubarb Crush...

We have a NEW drink, Rhubarb Crush...

Rhubarb’s recent surge in popularity has taken even trendspotters and food futurologists by surprise. A vegetable that thinks it’s a fruit, who would ever have believed this old-fashioned allotment staple would become flavour of the moment?

With an exclusive appearance in National Trust tea rooms and cafes this summer, Luscombe have decided to officially launch a new sparkling drink carefully blended with Rhubarb, Madagascan vanilla and soft Devon spring water; Rhubarb Crush.

Designed to be enjoyed either as a soft drink or mixer, Rhubarb Crush has been created with the sophisticated adult in mind, and like all the Luscombe range, contains no artificial additives, sweeteners or concentrates. Its flavour profile is fresh and bright with an eye-catching and enchanting soft pink. Available in a 27cl bottle nationwide the refreshing drink is less than 60 calories per bottle. Suitable for all seasons and matching excellently with lightly seasoned fresh mackerel, honey glazed pork chops or a panna cotta for a delicate after dinner treat.

Commenting on the launch, Luscombe’s Communications Director Emma Cotton says: “Working with rhubarb is a totally different scenario from other fruits and vegetables, and making a drink from it is something of a balancing act. We were looking for a refreshing drink that captured the essence of rhubarb – that sweet-and-sour quality that diners and drinkers are currently seeking out.”

When asked why rhubarb seems to have captured the moment, Emma continues: “Sour flavours are very fashionable at present, and people are looking for something a little unusual and exciting. There is something bracing and lively about the flavour of rhubarb – it is a really versatile ingredient. We have managed to create a distinctively unique soft drink which works perfectly on its own or paired with food.’

If you have a business that would like to stock Luscombe, contact our Devon based customer service team on info@luscombe.co.uk or call 01364 643036 for more information.

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