Award winning drinks

Award winning drinks

We are thrilled to announce that The Great Taste Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, have recently awarded Luscombe with seven more stars, which now takes our total of awards to 78 since 2003!

This year, over 500 judges came from all corners of the food world to blind taste in teams of three and four. We entered a small selection of our drinks, which included two of our NEW mixers – both of which won.

Read what the judges had to say about our Luscombe entries:

Cucumber Tonic – 2 stars

‘This is a beautiful product with stunning clarity – the cucumber is clean and clear on the nose and on the palate, the tonic has a lovely fresh mouth feel. A beautiful cucumber aroma with a lovely level of carbonation’

Sicilian Lemonade – 2 stars

‘A refreshing still lemonade with a real hit of fresh lemon, well rounded at the end with just a hint of vanilla. Well-judged flavours, beautifully made.’

Sicilian Bitter Lemon – 1 star

‘This has a lovely cloudy lemon colour and is nicely carbonated. There’s great clarity from the lemon and a hint of quinine. It is well balanced with a fine flavour profile. Refreshing and enjoyable on its own as a drink or mixer. The vanilla is just there as a subtle hint at the end. This is a really grown up drink – ideal for the non-drinking driver, or simply for anyone wanting a refreshing summer drink.’

Elderflower Bubbly – 1 star

‘Elderflower on the nose carries through to the taste and this is a refreshing well carbonated drink. We felt the level of sweetness was good’

Damascene Rose – 1 star

‘A light rose fragrance on the nose, and a refreshing drink. Well-judged balance of flavours. The rose is just right and sits well with the tangy freshness of the lemon.’

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