Designated driver, health conscious or creative foodie, we shouldn’t forget Mocktails.
We love guessing the flavours and fruits in drinks, letting our taste buds and mind wonder away. Mocktails can be enjoyed over dinner, while your feet are up after a long working day or in the busiest trendy bar as you party the night away. Non-alcoholic drinks really are delicious! Plus… on the days you want to be a little naughty, you can add a splash of your favourite tipple, we won’t tell!
We have two Luscombe Mocktails suggestions for you to try. Why not have a go at making them and share your creations with us on Instagram.


Pink Blush Pink Blush Mocktail

• 4 parts Luscombe Wild Elderflower Bubbly
• 1 Part Luscombe Strawberry Crush
• Thin slice of lemon
• Rose petals
• Mint leaves
• Ice Cubes
Pour the Elderflower Bubbly and Strawberry Crush into a highball, over plenty of ice and stir. Add a thin slice of lemon or mint leaves.


Devon’s Summer Sunset Devon’s Summer Sunset

• Passionate Ginger Beer
• Strawberry Crush
• 2 thin lime wedges
• Fresh mint
• Slice of passionfruit
• Crushed ice
Build in the glass, mint, lime juice from the lime wedges, fresh slices of passion fruit, and crushed ice. Pour the Passionate Ginger Beer and top up with Strawberry Crush. Stir and enjoy!