Natalie runs the London Marathon for Leah's Fairy Fund

Natalie runs the London Marathon for Leah's Fairy Fund

We would like to introduce Natalie our office manager, who is running the London Marathon for Leah’s Fairy Fund.

Natalie has worked with Luscombe for just over 2 years and is a firm favourite for her upbeat manner and dry sense of humour. Natalie started her marathon journey 7 years ago running the Milton Keynes marathon, the goal has always been to achieve the marathon of all marathons – London!

Leah’s Fairy Fund is an umbrella charity of Brain Tumour Research, started by Joanne and Wayne Martin (Luscombe’s IT & Engineering manager) following the diagnoses of their daughter Leah with a high-grade medullablastoma brain tumour. Their aim is to support the main charity in their dedication to pioneering work to develop alternate treatments and increase the understanding of cell mechanisms directly funding Brain Tumour Research’s Centre of Excellence at University of Plymouth.

Leah’s Fairy Fund is close to all our hearts here at Luscombe due to the pure determination of Leah and her family to remain positive and the work they put in raising funds. Natalie has been inspired to run the marathon for this charity due to personal experience with Brain Tumour Research’s work and to help support the charity, “I got to know Leah and her family through working with her Dad Wayne. They are all an inspiration, not only is Leah such a determined little girl, but the family have faced such adversity yet always remain positive. I really wanted to do something to help their fundraising efforts & to show my appreciation of Wayne and the family – I thought the London Marathon was an ideal opportunity to do this.”

Natalie needs to raise £3,500 by April 22nd 2018 (the marathon date!), if you would like to help us support Natalie over the finish line please visit to donate.

For further information on the charity and Leah Martin please pop over to’s-fairy-fund or

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