If you’re supporting #SoberforOctober this year, why not try one of our seasonal Mocktails…
Let us know what you think or make your own Luscombe Mocktail and share them with us.

Autumnal Apple Crush

• Luscombe Sparkling Apple Crush
• Fresh Apple
• Thyme
• Ice
Pour the Sparkling Apple Crush over crushed ice in a highball and stir. Add a slice of fresh apple and a sprig of thyme.


Berry Delight

Berry Delight Mocktail

Blackcurrant Cordial
• Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade
• Cranberry Crush
• A slice of lemon
• Fresh blueberries
• Ice
Mix everything well in a tall glass with large ice cubes and mix well. Use a slice of slice of lemon and blueberries for garnish.