Luscombe Drinks

Our ethos & business

We make drinks because it's what we love doing. We put only the best in the bottle ...

...of wild orchards
juice of these valleys

How we do things

“It’s all about the taste”. That’s how Gabriel David, the founder and chairman of Luscombe, sums up our approach to making drinks and we think it shows in everything we do.

We go to very great lengths to make drinks that will be a real pleasure to taste. From the time we take talking to growers and suppliers to the fine details of recipes and the almost neurotic attention to details, including all the bespoke pieces of equipment made for us by craftsmen. We really try to make it as it should be made - no shorthand, tricks or shortcuts, just a genuine drink with as few steps in the process as possible.

Some people say we are obsessed - we think thats a compliment .

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It may sound obvious, but we believe that great drinks start with genuine ingredients so we invest considerable time and energy into sourcing the very best we can find. We only work with growers we trust and sourcing directly, rather than through brokers and agents, together with offering them a fair price, means that we usually get the best of their crops.

We buy from UK growers for the Apples and Elderflowers, but we have to go abroad for the best Lemons from Sicily, the best Ginger from Peru or the best Williams pears from France and Apricots from Spain. Oranges from Sicily or Mexico and Limes from Sri Lanka. You need the right climate to create these great taste profiles.

  • Apples: usually from our own Devon orchards
  • Elderflower: organic hedgerows of beautiful Devon
  • Ginger: often Brazil, sometimes Jamaica
  • Limes: our ones, the juiciest ones, come from Sri Lanka
  • Oranges and Lemons: from the volcanic soils of Sicily, except our single estate Oranges for our Orange Juice which hail from Mexico
  • Pears: the sun-kissed South of France.


Our drinks are made from the best raw ingredients. Fruit that’s not been ruined by processing. Additives are generally used to redress the imbalance caused by the use of over-processed, convenient and cheaper juices. Luscombe doesn’t use concentrates and has no need of artificial additives or flavourings (often called 'natural flavours') as they are natural, from the fruit.

Hand-made in small batches, with real ingredients, each batch has subtle variations due to the raw ingredients varying slightly because of the seasons and weather conditions. Our drinks often come with sediment, evidence of their authentic, minimally processed nature.

You won’t find:

  • Concentrates
  • Additives
  • Preservatives
  • Colourants
  • Flavourings
  • Enhancers
  • Acidity regulators
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Animal by-products
  • Artificial pesticide residues
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • ...and big, harsh, rasping bubbles the size of toads` eyes

Meet the team


Soft Drinks



Gabriel David

Managing Director

Some people say that I’m rather 'fastidious', almost neurotic, when it comes to the quality of our drinks, ingredients and production techniques and I take that as a compliment. I took over the business from my father in 1998 and not being much of a drinker we started making Ginger Beer, Elderflower and Sicilian Lemonade.

Much of my time is spent working with our growers to establish when the fruit will be at its optimum so we can schedule deliveries and production time. A few days of sun or rain can make all the difference to the quality of the juice so it just isn’t possible to work to set dates each year. Having a calendar would make our lives simpler but we make drinks because we love them and that means never compromising on what goes in the bottle.

My favourite Luscombe drink? I’ve spent so much time and energy working on the drinks that it’s really hard to say. I go through phases and I’m really pleased with our new Raspberry Crush.


Steve Oliver

I joined Luscombe at the start of 2011 and it’s my role to keep customers happy. There’s an element of introducing the brand to new people but there’s no hard sell, the drinks do the work – once they’ve tried the drinks for themselves they generally end up buying them.

The best part of my job is getting the feedback from people trying the drinks for the first time, they are soon hooked. This is largely down to our approach; Luscombe isn’t a brand, it’s a passion so if something isn’t right, we don’t bottle it. There are no shortcuts, just a team of people with a common goal to make the best drink for the independent market.

My favourite Luscombe drink? The new Raspberry Crush – it’s made of 20% raspberry and you can taste it from the top to the bottom.


Wayne Martin

Since I joined Luscombe in 2007 it’s been my job to keep all the systems running, from IT in the office to apple presses and stock management. I spend a considerable time developing and testing new production techniques with Martin Booth, our Production Manager, to help improve the taste of our drinks – we try really hard to limit the number of stages as it makes a real difference to how our drinks taste even if it makes our jobs a bit harder.

My favourite Luscombe drink? Cool Ginger Beer. It reminds me of being a kid.


Martin Booth

I’m responsible for checking the quality of the ingredients when they arrive – if they’re not absolutely right, they go back. We work really hard to build relationships with our growers so thankfully that happens very rarely.

I joined Luscombe a little over two years ago and it’s been great from day one. The team are so passionate about what they do and my role is so varied that no two minutes are the same. The focus on making the best drinks possible is incredible.

My favourite Luscombe drink? Devon Apple Juice – the range of apples we use gives it real depth. It also reminds me of childhood and picking apples in our own trees.


Sarah Lloyd

Customer Service Manager

I joined the business in January 2014 as the role of office manager. I've enjoyed working within the food and drink industry since leaving school and am thrilled to be part of the Luscombe team. My role largely includes supporting our customers' sales and questions. When I am not in the office I can occasionally be found out on the road visiting customers and at the odd consumer and trade event. My team and I are dedicated to ensuring our customers are equipped with the best drinks but equally enjoy a first rate service equal to our high standards. My favourite Luscombe has to be Passionate Ginger Beer. The gentle heat from the cool recipe ginger beer mixed with the subtle sweetness of the passionfruit juice is a real hit with me.